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The journal contains the following sections:

  • Editorial
  • Politics (the world outside the OR)
  • Education (Innovations, technologies, surgical techniques and methods)
  • Surgical Research (recent abstracts published by swiss surgeons)
  • Interview (a talk with opinion leaders)
  • Salt & Pepper (controversial discussion between experts) 
  • FOCUS (a hot new topic in the surgical world)
  • coup d'oeil (case reports, open for residents)
  • furthermore we provide information about meetings, courses and the society

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Surgical research: Submit the abstract of your published article

SWISS KNIFE publishes abstracts of recent publications by swiss surgeons.
Please submitt the complete reference and abstract (PubMed) to find your work in one of the next editions and/or in our online database.

Selection criteria
Due to a high number of submissions per issue, it is not possible to print all abstracts. Therefore, after submission by the authors, the editorial board considers the most important contribution of every institution for publication in the Journal. All other submitted abstracts will be published online.

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Announce your course/meeting

SWISS KNIFE is an ideal platform to announce important information about courses, meetings or a congress.



Instructions for authors

An article in swissknife can be written in English, German or French and should not contain more than 5000 characters. Please provide adequate references (Author A, Author B. Title. Journal 2004; 292: 2214–2215.). Tables and Figures should be of high quality. Please provide an email address and digital portrait of each author. Your manuscript should contain a title, and a brief summary of not more than 50 words. All manuscripts are edited by the editorial office and returned to the author for proofreading.

Coup d'oeil (case reports)
The first author must be in a residency program of a surgical department in Switzerland. The report is written in English (preferred), German or French, and describes a novel or important aspect of a disease or treatment in one to three patients. The text is limited to 4000 characters, a maximum of 2 tables or figures of good quality, and up to 10 references. The report begins with a brief summary of not more than 50 words. Case reports are reviewed by two members of the editorial board. Revisions must be resubmitted within 90 days.


Guidelines & Instructions for authors (German)

Guidelines & Instructions for authors (French)

Example of Guidelines

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