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5. Workshop for Minimally Invasive- and Hernia Surgery

Retrospective of a training event in 2023 at the Baselland Cantonal Hospital in Liestal

The fifth edition of the interregional Workshop for Minimally Invasive- and Hernia Surgery was celebrated on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023 in the surgical department of Cantonal Hospital Baselland in Liestal. Together with like-minded colleagues from the Cantonal Hospital Olten (soH) and Bülach they organized this two-day educational experience, which has been accredited with 16 Points of Continued Medical Education from the Swiss Surgical Society (SGC) and is a recognized event for the certified centers in Minimal Invasive (CAMIC)- and Hernia Surgery (CAH) of the German Society for General- and Visceral Surgery.

The organizers were pleased to welcome internationally renowned speakers as well as a growing number of participants from North-West Switzerland and Germany.


The 22nd of November, dedicated to minimally invasive surgery, started with a live surgery session from the operating theaters in Liestal, where live robot-assisted procedures for colon cancer and diverticular disease, as well as laparoscopic RYGB and adrenalectomy, were shown. Simultaneously, the use of assistive technology facilitated further hands-on experience with a training village including virtual and hybrid simulation systems for laparoscopic surgery, a pelvitrainer with animal models, and robotic simulation. The importance of theoretical knowledge was not forgotten, and a range of presentations adapted to the academic needs of both young- and experienced participants were offered.

Thursday, 23rd of November, was dedicated to Hernia Surgery with live broadcast of laparoscopic- and robotic interventions (eTEP, TEP and TAPP). A major highlight was a Workshop on inguinal ultrasound. Stimulating talks from active experts took place and gave the final touch to this enriching professional experience.

A big thank you to all the sponsors, speakers, participants, and those who collaborated to make this event a definite success.


We will be honored to welcome you to the 6th edition of our Workshop on Minimal Invasive and Hernia Surgery on the 20thand 21st of November 2024 at the Cantonal Hospital of Baselland. Looking forward to seeing you again! 




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