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Editorial Focus Pediatric surgery

We as pediatric surgeons of Switzerland represent with our field the specialized surgical treatment of our youngest members of the society. The first “focus” of the new digital issue of Swiss Knife is dedicated to pediatric surgery and we are very proud to share some exciting and innovative articles from various areas of pediatric surgery. Dr. Viktoria Pfeifle S/K Editorial Board Member

As a major innovation in our Swiss Society for Pediatric Surgery, the specialty title of “Spezialized Pediatric Surgery” came into force on 1st of January 2024. The President of the Training Committee PD Dr. Ulrike Subotic presents the most important facts in this regard in her article “Postgraduate Training”.

Minimal invasive surgery has also long been an integral part of pediatric surgery and we are constantly trying to push boundaries and enhance the spectrum. Prof. Dr. Philipp Szavay outlines the latest insights in a new technique using Indocyanine Green Fluorescence-guided surgery in minimal invasive pediatric surgery.

As pediatric surgeons, we also like to be active across the Swiss border and for example get involved in humanitarian projects. Prof. Barbara Wildhaber presents her experience in establishing a pediatric surgery facility in Burkina Faso.

We hope you enjoy reading.

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